The best diet ever!

The best diet everFood! What a pleasure! One of the most indulging pleasures in this earthly life! It is not just a natural need of our bodies but it is a joy when the food is tasty and well prepared; it is an art! Most of advertisements – I think – is about something eat-able. So many TV channels  are dedicated to cooking including competitions among famous or unknown chefs! We have restaurants, we have tavernas, we have fast foods, we have snack bars. I remember when I was in Minneapolis U.S.A., I used to stay close to that road which was full of restaurants and I think that the whole distance from the first to the last was something like a mile or so.

We know since ancient years how important food was and especially all kind of gatherings around food! Even the Greek philosophers were philosophising accompanied by food!

Today, food has remained a celebration but also it has become a curse! There are so many overweight or obese people around the world; it is epidemic! When I do my research or work on line, I always notice on the side of any open internet page advertisements about how to diet, how to lose that extra weight and the truth is that all of us – almost – have tried to diet time to time.

No objections to a diet or to conscious eating, to exercise and all good healthy recommendations. It is biblical, as we need to take care of our body and eating habits are part of it.

What, however, the dieticians and nutritionists forget to mention, is that before, during and after all that noble effort to live a more healthy life we need to allow the Lord to guide us throughout! As any other action and deed in our life, we need His strength, His guidance and His encouragement to keep the commitment and to be successful and prosperous with such a challenging effort. This is the best diet ever! No doubt that in time the good results will come and they will last for long long time! You do not need to sit in front of an empty table, starving! His wisdom is more creative than that! You just need to involve Him! He is willing! What is important to you and biblical, it is important to Him!

Philippians 4v6

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;”



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