Still will rain…

Still raining...

Hosea 6v3

Let us know,
Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD.
His going forth is established as the morning;
He will come to us like the
Like the latter
and former rain to the earth.”

Hosea chapter 6 is really something to read well and put some thought in it, through the Holy Spirit! I love the word “pursue”. This word has emphasis in it; it has strength and for sure it has action!

There are different opinions in the world such as that some books in the Bible are more important or more “juicy” than others, some of them too mysterious and challenging for common people to read and understand. However, remember that He left the Bible to us to keep learning and growing, so how the above opinions could be true?

Looking at a sunrise, early in the morning, can remind us that His going forth is established as the morning. Mornings follow each other and no morning was missed since we know earth’s history! Things are established – another very strong word! – and the Lord is moving forward, His coming is established…nothing will change!

He will come like the rain! People think that nothing will happen…that the rain will not come…how wrong they are! Rain can be so heavy and forceful that can destroy much. Rain also can be so refreshing!

The point is that He is coming and He is coming like the rain. He will destroy and He will refresh! Our job is to keep pursuing His knowledge, so we are ready when the rain comes! Take heart and keep questing for Him, His knowledge and understanding.



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2 Responses to Still will rain…

  1. Curious Dimitra, what is meant by “common people”? I think I understand what you are getting at but wanted to make sure.

    • I am confident that you understand who “common people” are but great that you mentioned it as some people won’t know. I mean people without titles such as archbishops, priests, patriarchs, prophets and highlighted positions in the body of Christ. The Word and the Spirit of the Lord His knowledge and understanding are equally available to all true believers. Thanks again Mr detective!

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