Love is not looting!

Love is not lootingHurricane Keith, Belize, Oct 2000 – D.S.

 Humans are humans! Who could think that during the probably most strong typhoon of known history, people would think to loot!

But I absolutely believe it! Yesterday, Philippines were devastated in a catastrophic level by typhoon Haiyan. As I listened at the BBC news channel, the authorities were moving people away from certain areas due to lack of electricity, food, clean water and due to reports of extensive looting!

Why do I believe it? That takes me back in time: October 2000 and hurricane Keith – category 4 – crossed Belize. At the time and since March 2000 I was living in Belize, working on the rehabilitation of the central hospital. You can see bit of the results of that devastating hurricane at the attached photo. It stayed with us for three whole days, 14 people died due to flooding, my flat which was on the first floor (above ground floor) was full in water so I was walking bare foot and for months afterwards we were driving in water up to the door level of my 4×4 Jeep (high vehicle). The eye of the hurricane stood for all those three days on top of the island of San Pedro and when finally we came out after those three days in and got into the boat to visit and assist the islands we could not believe our eyes of how San Pedro and Cayo Caulker  looked like: electricity poles were down, most of the palm trees were laying on the ground, roofs had gone and so on. However, people were already started repairing what they could. The worse was that during the days when Keith was on top of the island thieves entered the central computer shop and stole computers. I cannot imagine what kind of humans takes such an opportunity to act likewise.

Same thing in Philippines! Same thing all around the world in moments of need.

I believe that there is no excuse and it is pure evil. No matter how needy one is or how poor, it is amoral to bring a new disaster upon someone who has already experience a such devastation.

Love – similarly – is not looting! We cannot loot the heart of a person, to give empty promises, to treat with disrespect and loot their dignity. It is evil, it is cruel.

Love is not to try to steal your neighbour’s wife/ husband/land, your friend’s job position, your sibling’s inheritance, your worker’s wages.

Love is higher up all unfairness. It is about giving than receiving, much more than grabbing! It is being happy when something good happens to the other person’s life. It is gratitude for what is offered by others than misery for what is missing or not offered. Love is wishing well to the whole world. Love is to forgive, leave aside and move on in life. Love is to let go others and if they wish, they can come back to you; otherwise we do not need to loot their happiness, we just wish them well! Love is to listen and if disagreeing, just accept and let it go; move on and enjoy what can be enjoyed than dwelling to what was said or what they think or what they wish. Love is not to allow our dignity to be stolen, our capability of loving to be looted! No matter what, we need to stick with what love is and who desires otherwise, let them go and wish them well! Love is to sing with the birds, to laugh with the babies, to consult with the elders, to dance in the rain, to speak to the flowers, to drink the snow, to love each experience as we know that we learn something out of it. Love is to feel grace and to feel His hand upon your life, as He, the Lord is the definition of love.

1 John 4v8

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

Many believe that a person who loves God needs to say yes to any of their demands as a proof of showing how much the person loves and act in love. It is not like this. A person cannot accept something when at first is against God’s word and will; a person cannot accept  the manipulative ways of others who basically provoke that person to show love just for them to satisfy their personal needs and wants. Believers need not only to resist to what is against God’s will but also to what it is against true love and stand firm against “looting” and manipulation. We keep our path and we keep it steadily and boldly, still not forcefully! If you know what I mean! We do turn the other cheek and yet, we stand on our grounds!

1 Chronicle 16v30-31

Tremble before Him, all the earth. The world also is firmly established, It shall not be moved. Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; And let them say among the nations, “The LORD reigns.”




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