The possibilities are enormous

The possibilites are enormous “When I woke up this morning, I was already late. I usually wake up at 5am and 15 minutes later I start watering the trees and the gardens, removing weeds, pruning and collecting the vegetables and the fruits of the day. I work hard for about three hours and by 5pm the evening I am again out watering, removing weeds and planting new seeds or plants till it gets dark. Today, I gave myself off for few hours, to relax and allow my muscles to recover. I just went to collect some vegetables for my lunch and dinner, some fruits for breakfast. “What a blessing” I thought and my eyes went wet – something that happens often at times as this.

When I was a little girl – around 3-4 years old – I was asked by adults questions such as: “how would you like to be your house when you grow up” and my response was: “I love a little house in a big plot with vegetables and trees, a cow, a goat, chickens and 100 cats…”

When I became 31 years old, I arrived in Zambia and I decided to make this land my home. I got so impressed from its soil and fertility, the green, the half tropical environment. My desire was to get some land here and make my home, my garden and who knew…maybe a farm!

When I became 51 years old, the above became true – not the farm, thus far. Two and half months before my last birthday I moved in my little home, enjoying the produce of this soil. I have to admit that I am not in a position to “commit” myself to a cow, a goat and 100 cats. However, as I am a cat lover the good Lord’s provision brings cats from the neighbourhood that come and eat my rats, snakes, lizards and whatever they like to hunt! Still, I believe that at some point I will manage to have few chickens when I know that I can take care of them.

My stories and adventures starting from that age of 3-4 years old and reaching my 51st year are some simple, some boring, others complicated, many miraculous. They say that we need to be constant in what we do, what we believe, what we dream. I agree!

Sometimes, when I finish gardening I am too tired, my muscles hurt, my joints in pain but it is a sweet tiredness, a sweet pain. Even so, as the new dawn arrives I look forward to go and take care for those plants, to observe their new leaves, to discover new fruits and shapes, to fight against the ants and termites that try to kill them (without chemicals!), to try to save what is weak and dry. My love for them and my passion for this land is over any pain or inconvenience. The hours in between as I work in my main work, I check to see when the sun is softening so I can go back and pull some more weeds!

I am certain that each of you, my readers, has a great love in life, a passion, a dream, a desire. When you keep working constantly on it, you will see it through – soon or later. It takes love! It is what we put in that we take out, although sometimes it might be in a different shape that we imagined.”

The above is an excerpt from my new book entitled “Experiences with God” to be published – hopefully and prayerfully by next year. It is a personal account/witness of how we can open the door to possibilities, possibilities that we have not even dreamt, to possibilities that are enormous. I understand and have faced it many times that we try to focus to the impossibilities of life than the possibilities. I believe that it is safer emotionally for us to do so. I believe that impossibilities are good excuses for us to complain, a reason to cover our imperfections as well as the imperfections of life.

Despite all past experiences of life and statistics, the truth relies in one paragraph as described:

1 Corinthians 2v9:

“But as it is written: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

And I say that is true, and I say to this, Amen!


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