13 MEN (c)


Fishing boat : Fishers of Men, DS ©

Travelling back in time, we meet those 13 Men, those men who believed that the Lord was the Messiah. The truth of the story is that they did not always believe in Him but eventually they left a legacy behind them: the legacy of faith; the journey of faith; the moments that they believed; they doubted, and they believed again.

Wherever I speak about my faith, most of the times, I bring forward those men. What always amazed me was how human they were, how they abandoned Jesus but finally something happened in their lives and they did so faithfully serve the Lord upto the point that most of them died for their faith.

Who were those 13 men? A small search within the scriptures of the Holy Bibles, speaks some information about them:

At first, the Lord chose 12 disciples:

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