To Love not to Hate (nv)



Antigone – that tragic protagonist in Oedipus the Τyrant (Oedipus Tyrannos) – says: “My nature is to join in love, not hate”

It is amazing how ancient writings are still so true and real in our today’s life. As a Greek, I can’t help it than to go back to my roots and absorb some wisdom out of these writings. I am even more amazed when I come across all those essays, books and lectures written by international recognized authors and based on those ancient writing.

I look myself as a Christian of today. As I observe my Christian fellows and organizations called themselves  Christians, I have to say that a lot of times I get disappointed , my spirit grieves.

Christianity supports wars! Christianity supports organizations that their aim is not to bring peace but to support specific nations than to work towards peace. Christianity gets busier with what the…

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