One People

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I am the only white person in the Church I attend. In fact, I am the only semi brown one …after years of healthy sun bathing! You understand that I stand as the fly in the milk!

Last Sunday, a visitor Pastor did delivered the message, a message regarding the Passover, the unleavened bread and the yeast. I had heard him one more time in the past. We do not know each other. I know he is a Pastor, married with two kids, an Eastern Province Zambian – I assume it due to his name – and that’s all I know. I think that he knows nothing about me except my sex, my skin colour and my external physiognomic characteristics.

During his preaching he approached me and as he needed to highlight a point, he said “our people” he turns to me “ I don’t know about your people” …I interrupted him firmly saying “we are one people”; he repeated with a question point “one people?” and then went on with his point.

People assume about other people as they see their external, the place they are, the environment, their origin or their occupation. Wrong! Each one is unique as our fingerprints are. We cannot assume. We need to know and when we don’t, to ask, to search first and then address the other. I remember another brother inviting me to their home’s Bible study, highlighting that their road was tarmacked recently …assuming that as I am a woman or a white (semi brown!) woman, I would have problem to drive to a less privileged area. Only if he knew places I have driven to and from, thousands upon thousands of Km, places I have slept, places I had meals, foods I have eaten…

Don’t misunderstand me, I do not feel discriminated (even if I could have good reasons to!) or offended in any way. Indeed it is a trigger to write this article and encourage all of us to think twice before we assume.

I remember the story I read years ago, a story that stayed with me and always makes me to stop and think before I assume, before I explode, before I judge. A man travels in a subway train when another man enters from a station accompanied by his 4 children. The kids are really noisy, running up and down. Their father sits next to the man, so the man asked him why he doesn’t discipline his kids but allow them to be so annoying and noisy. The father responds that he is right but he doesn’t know how to do it, they had just lost their mother.

You see, we cannot know. Sometimes we cannot know details regarding people close to us, our own families, our friends. At times, we might have no clue interpreting our own self and we are just base life and opinions on assumptions.

Making the point the each one is unique and generalizations would never help, at the same time, I need to highlight that we keep being One People! Especially speaking about the Christian community. We might have our own backgrounds, identities, cultures, fingerprints but from the moment we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we begin receiving a new identity, a new culture, new mind, new characteristics. Yes, it is a process, still, we cannot see each other as different; we see each other unique yet the same. Would you go to say to the guy from your own town, “my people – your people”? I don’t think so. That’s how we need to see each other, as same people with unique personalities. We live under the same Spirit, we follow same commends and instructions, we follow same destination despite our diverse gifts and work in the Kingdom of God.

God see as identical to each other, we are His heirs! I think that it is time for us to stop seeing the outside thus focus on the inside of all us who are One People. Amen!

1Corinthians 1v3

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”



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3 Responses to One People

  1. Well said. So as Christians, we “can’t fake it until we make it” in our feelings toward others with prejudgemental notions.

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