I Believe in Healing!


The series “I Believe” continues to unfold: I Believe I can fly, I Believe in Miracles, I Believe in Thankfulness and today, I Believe in Healing.

Speaking about Healing, in no way, it is excluded from miracles. Healing is a part of miracles, it is considered as a miracle and one of signs, exactly the way that our Lord, Jesus Christ performed such signs during His three years of ministry on earth.

Whatever discussed and spoken into the post I Believe in Miracles applies definitely for healing. Healing is a sensitive area for us, believers. So, let’s have a closer look at it.

Have you heard the expression “Prevention is better than cure”? It is a very wise idiom, not only wise but also true. Studying healing includes a study on prevention as well. We are flesh and obviously we will get sick soon or later, however, we…

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