Love is communication…


Love is communication

Throughout the Bible we see people communicating with each other .We see God conversing with His prophets or disciples.

Genesis 8v15

Then God spoketo Noah, saying”

Exodus 6v2

And God spoketo Moses and said to him: “I am the LORD.”

We see people communicating with God, God = Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We found those words all around: spoke, said…

You might ask: what love has to do with communication! It is absolutely connected!

Love is a decision, a thought, a feeling and an act. Communication is also a behaviour and it is an act. Why do you think that God kept talking, speaking, announcing to His people? He could say A,B,C and then sat on His throne and watch what’s happening. He has not only implemented the opposite, He even sent the Holy Spirit to keep talking to us. He taught us and introduced…

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