Jesus and Samaritans


samaritans and jesusThis blog has entered its sixth year of existence. The supportive and faithful readers of LovingMinistry’s blogs know my passion with peace and search of harmonious ways, if possible. I believe that unconditional love is directly connected with peace. Unconditional love is not accepting abuse in the name of love. It does mean that while protecting one’s self at the same time one might extend a peaceful act towards the “opponent”! It can be a blessings and prayers, it can be a peaceful way of communication when it is creative or cover needs when it is possible.

Who is the “opponent” within our environment, community, workplace, family and friends? Obviously, anyone who attacks, manipulates, abuses, harms us in any physical, emotional and spiritual way. Also, “Enemy” – by many – is considered anyone who believes otherwise. “Enemy” is of another ideology, philosophy, culture. In few: the one who is different…

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Loving life, Loving people but mostly Loving and Serving Jesus Christ!
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