Ministry Contacts

Founder:  God Almighty

Prayer request: through the comments (it is kept private line)




Background :

Counselling: Private Practice @ DS Therapeutic Counselling, Lsk;

Prayer Line @ UCB – United Christian Broadcasters;

Helpline (Listening Ear) @ SAMARITANS UK;

Counselling @ TCM (Trichotillomania Christian Ministry U.S.A.);

Counselling @ CITHRAH Foundation (domestic violence);

Home Groups and Bible studies in various countries while resident




The Lord declared:

< Be still, and Know that I am God> psalms 46/10



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6 Responses to Ministry Contacts

  1. Nahima Thapa says:

    Dear beloved God’s family honor greeting from Nahima. I am doing God’s ministry in His grace. Love to have in contact with you to pray for each other. You are most welcome in my nation to do fellowship together in our heavenly vision.
    God bless you.

  2. Comments: Dear beloved brethren,

    Much greetings through the exalted savior Jesus Christ from
    I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a
    great blessing to me, my family and the young independent christian fellowship
    that i founded when i got the call of the lord to do so.
    So, i, my wife , children and some few brethren from the community we are
    serving the lord under this christian fellowship.

    The fellowship is of 28 members.
    I also take care of 11, orphans whose parents died.
    In this i am requesting you to send us more teachings that will enable us, as a
    small church to grow spiritually.

    As well it is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under
    my care
    in your daily prayers that God can open them ways for their needs both in
    physical and spiritual growth.As well I kindly invite you to come here in Kenya
    and bless our people with the gospel of our lord Jesus.Kenya needs mighty people

    of God to lead her in to salvation and know the Living God. Please have a kind
    consideration to extend your kind cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom
    of God.
    Also i would be happy if you will accept us to be part of your fellowship.
    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    yours at His service,

    Pastor Mishael

    • Dear Pastor Mishael,

      It is always a pleasure to know and to see how the Lord brings His people together under one Spirit. I am thankful for your wonderful message and always appreciating when I know that we share and encourage each other. I try to pray for all people visiting the Ministry’s blog but it is good to know more details for prayers and I am glad that I have the opportunity to pray for the Orphans and all work put in your fellowship’s hand.
      Thank you as well for the kind invitation to Kenya, at the moment is not possible to travel, I am settling back in Zambia and the Lord gives each day at the time.
      We keep in touch and my prayer is that He walks ahead of you and open the path, blessing your feet to walk according to His will,

      Greetings to all,

  3. Catherine says:

    Hi Dimitra
    Was looking through stuff and found your card
    Glad your still in His work you’ve always been faithful and such a great blessing we still miss you

    Love Catherine

    • dear Catherine, so happy to hear from you. i had emailed you long time ago but maybe ended up in your spam folder. Yes, the Lord is good and we try our best! love you and missing you, I will email again!

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